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Ownership Process

TOTAL COST FOR OUR PUPPIES IS: $1,900 + $300 (Deposit) = $2,200 Total, for Each Puppy.

**A pre-birth discount of $150 will be applied to all deposits that are made before the litter(s) are born, making your total $2,050 instead.

Our Adoption Contracts

Lovealabradoodle now uses state of the art software for all of our contracts. You will fill out your deposit contract using DocuSign, then fill out the health guarantees and purchase contract in person.

We also offer "in person signing" if you can't use DocuSign. This must be stated to Lovealabradoodle, before you make a deposit, so we can make accommodations for you.

Before making a deposit, both previews of our deposit and health guarantee contracts below, must be previewed and read through thoroughly. These are copyright for Lovealabradoodle, all rights are reserved.



  • Each and every puppy is lovingly handled from birth.

  • All puppies are held, played with, and socialized everyday; as well as ENS (Early Neonatal Stimulation) from their 6th day through their 16th day of age.

  • All puppies are raised using "puppy culture" principles and enrichment activities. 

  • Social Educational Puppy Visits for all clients that have deposits on a current litter, starting at 2 weeks of age.

  • Puppies come socialized to; cats, dogs, kids, and adults.

  • Puppies are introduced to potty training, crate training, house rules, and no nipping.

  • Every puppy becomes a well loved member of the family! This kind of care insures the best possible puppy!



  • Get a FREE Vet Well Check Examination Coupon! (When Available).



  • Consists of everything you need to insure an easy transition:

    • CKC Registration Papers (If Applicable).

    • 3 Pages of Puppy Guidelines.



De-wormed at: 2, 4, 6, and 8 Weeks.

Core Vaccines administered;

  • 5 Weeks: NeoPar (Parvo) shot.

  • 6 Weeks: NeoTech( DA2 combo) shot.

  • 7 Weeks: NeoPar (Parvo) shot.

  • 8 Weeks: Combo shot (NeoTech DA2 or 4 in 1).

Click here to learn about NeoTech Vaccines

*PUPPY STARTER KIT (given at time of pickup)

  • 16 ounces of our puppy food.

  • Kirkland Dog Bones.

  • Chewy.

  • Security toy.

*LIFETIME 24/7 Breeder Support & Lifetime Return Policy

  • No questions asked, re-homing service:

    • Buyer firmly agrees that if, for any reason in the lifetime of the said dog, that they can no longer keep him/her in their possession, they will relinquish ownership back to the breeder, with no questions asked. This allows the breeder to maintain a continuous safety net for every puppy produced throughout their entire lifetime. Under absolutely no circumstances is the buyer to abandon the dog in any animal shelter, rescue group/organization, humane society, foster home or any other type of facility for rehoming. Buyer is to contact breeder immediately to arrange for the dog’s return to the breeder.​

  • Support and Behavior Modification advice, from my 35 years of dog training and breeding experience.