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ABOUT CINDY: Owner and Operator of Love A Labradoodle, mother to 3 kids (Michael, James, and Breanna). Expert breeder, master puppy socializer, primary boarder handler/caretaker, canine behaviorist, master trainer, playmate, and medical administrator.

I have extensive experience with dogs. 20 years ago I bred and trained German Shepherds in; protection, tracking, retrieving, scent discrimination, and off-leash obedience. I competed in AKC competitions, and my dogs always placed in the top 5.

I love dogs and expect the best out of them. I have been breeding and training Labradoodles since 2003. I am a wealth of knowledge in the field of training, behavior, and breeding. I enjoy sharing anything I can to help you out with.

ABOUT RANDY: My husband and my best friend; Expert breeder, handler, treat giver, all around handyman, puppy socializer, assistant trainer, and puppy playmate.

James Erikson

(My Son)


ABOUT JAMES: My talented son who knows anything and everything about websites, technology, cars, and electronics. Always ready and able to update, change, and redesign my site on short notice. Without him, we honestly wouldn't even have a website for our puppies!

Hello! I'm James. Thank you for visiting our website! A little about me... I currently live in Cherry Valley, CA with my wife, Chantelle, and my 2 dogs (Oscar & Percy). I've always had a big heart and I've always been there for my family no matter what. I built this whole website from scratch and spend many hours per week making sure that this site will impress anyone who comes across it, while still making it user friendly at the end of the day. I also handle all of the DocuSign contracts/agreements for Lovealabradoodle.

Have any comments or questions about our site, or if you'd like a site of your own, please reach me at: support@jcetechnology.com


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