Labradoodle Puppies

  • Each and every puppy is lovingly handled from birth
  • Volunteer puppy program for all clients that have deposits on a lovealabradoodle pup allowing for visits with pups, as you help me with daily chores. This starts when pups are 2wks of age.
  • All puppies are; held, played with and socialized everyday, as well as have full body sensory stimulation from 6 days through the 16th day.
  • Puppies come socialized to; cats, dogs, kids, and adults.
  • Puppies are introduced to potty training, crate training, house rules and no nipping.
  • Every puppy becomes a well loved member of the family! This kind of care insures the best possible pup!Type your paragraph here.

Your puppy comes to you with:

    1. First three days from pickup (Click here to view in the Purchase Contract)
    2. One year from birth (Click here to view Health Guarantee)
  • A COUPON FOR FREE Vet Well Check Examination; When available.
  • 3 PAGES OF PUPPY GUIDELINES;  to insure an easy transition.
  • HEALTH RECORD, including the following:
  • Wormed at: 2, 4, 6, and 8 Weeks.
  • Core Vaccines administered:
    • 5 Weeks: NeoPar (Parvo) shot.
    • 6 Weeks: NeoTech( DA2 combo) shot.
    • 7 Weeks: NeoPar (Parvo) shot.
    • 8 Weeks: Combo shot (NeoTech DA2 or 4 in 1).

            (to learn more about Neotech vaccines click here)

  • A great start puppy kit, including:
    • 16 ounces of our puppy food, a chewy, and a security toy.
    • Viewable Parental 5 generation pedigrees.
    • Lifetime, no questions asked, re-homing service.
    • Lifetime of support and Behavior Modification Advice from my 35 years of dog training and breeding experience :)